Surveying Services

Our consultants can advise whether you require a licensed surveyor, what sort of surveying work is necessary, and coordinate the job at the most appropriate time.

We contract metropolitan and rural based licensed surveyors, and our good working relationship with many of South Australia's surveying firms ensures we can engage a Surveyor to attend your site quickly, and at a competitive price. The Surveyors are licensed and experienced professionals who utilise the latest technology and equipment.

Our range of services include:

  • Cadastral (Boundary) Surveys;
  • Topographic and Mapping Surveys;
  • Construction and Engineering Surveys
  • GPS Surveys.

Cadastral (Boundary) Surveys - Identification and Detail

As the name would suggest, an identification survey identifies boundaries, locates fencing, buildings and other relevant site infrastructure. The identification survey plan will show these site details and record the placement of survey marks. Where more specific information is required, including levels and contours, and the location of additional features such as kerb and water table information, a detail survey may be necessary.

Construction and Engineering Surveys

Construction and Engineering Surveys typically do not locate boundaries. They are most often used to assess a site for the purposes of building/designing a home or major subdivision. In doing so, they detail the location of physical features, buildings, trees, bore holes from which soil samples have been taken, the location of utility services such water and gas meters, stobie poles, and spot levels to derive contours and gradients.

We can arrange surveying whether you are resolving a fencing dispute with your neighbour, building a carport on the boundary or requiring other survey work such as a levels and details.


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