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What can Andrew Davidson Property Development Consultants do for me?
I've seen a block of land advertised - can I divide it? I've never done a land division before, can you help?
I've seen a large acreage land holding advertised for residential development - where do I begin?
What is the difference between Community and Torrens Titles? What happened to the old Strata Titles?
I believe my fence is on the boundary, but my neighbour disagrees! Do I need a Surveyor?
I'm in the Legal Profession, what can you do for me?
I'm a Conveyancer, what can you do for me?
Can you provide Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) services and what sort of plans can you prepare?
This title is angular can you tell me how big it is? We provide this service to land agents and architects etc.
Can you provide property information relating to the title, sales history, ownership and valuation? Can you supply other government records?

If we have not answered your particular question, please email us and we shall be happy to send you our response.


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