Land Division Project Management

After assessing your property, we will advise you on the feasibility of a land division project, provide any design specifics, and outline the processes and costs involved.

Torrens and Community Title Land Divisions

Each project is unique and we can advise on the suitability of your development for Torrens or Community Titles. We will explain the differences, and outline clearly the procedures involved.

To have a full overview of your project, we conduct preliminary searches of Council, SA Water and Lands Titles Office records. This allows us to provide you with the most accurate estimate possible, and we include all the government fees so that you know what to expect.

From here we prepare and lodge your land division application with the Development Assessment Commission (DAC) via their Electronic Land Division Lodgement Site (EDALA) system. EDALA and our own electronic systems allow us to track the progress of your application.

Our role as your project manager is to:

  1. Negotiate your development through the planning systems at the Development Assessment Commission and Council;
  2. Prepare all necessary plans - i.e. proposal, identification and final surveys;
  3. Coordinate surveyors, conveyancers and other professionals;
  4. Arrange final clearances with the relevant authorities, and
  5. Attend the Lands Titles Office lodgement of your land division.

Want a printable guide? Please view our Land Division Process (PDF)

Major Projects - Greater than 20 allotments

The strength our company brings to major projects is:

  • Vast experience with creating innovative subdivision designs greater than 20 allotments;
  • Excellent working relationship with engineers, town planners and builders;
  • In-depth knowledge of planning processes;
  • Expert skills with guiding complex projects through government agencies.

A suitable subdivision design is critical, and often several designs are produced. By examining the maximum yield and efficiency of the subdivision, the developer can make an informed decision about the most appropriate number of allotments, allotment sizes, and staging of the development for an optimum marketing strategy.

A good design will suit the lie of the land and implement efficient construction of infrastructure to minimise costs. It is important that roads are designed in line with safe traffic control principles to ensure safety, and that ecological principles such as allotment aspects and recreation areas, as well as access to services such as public transport and schools are considered.

Our company has been involved in designing and managing many major subdivisions throughout metropolitan Adelaide and rural South Australia.

For examples of our work, please visit our Projects page.

Multi-storey Community Strata Developments

Our company has experience with both residential and commercial community strata developments within existing buildings, and new building developments.

We are able to explain the difference between community lots and community strata titles, and advise you which will be more suitable for your project.

Depending upon the nature of the development, it may be more appropriate to create individual titles for individual floor levels. Other complex developments for existing or new buildings may involve combinations of residential and commercial titles.


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