Environmental Development Solutions

Every Development site whether large or small has its own unique environmental elements, and most projects can be designed to work with nature rather than against it. We consider these natural advantages early in the design phase of your development, thereby ensuring long term cost savings for our clients and the planet.

Natural elements which we consider during the project design phase include:

Gravity to direct stormwater and sewerage services to avoid the use of pumping wherever possible.

Orientation towards maximising solar-gain aspects, thereby enhancing natural heating and power generation. It has been estimated that if every home in Australia were reoriented for the optimum or correct angle in relation to the sun, Australia's household energy bill could be reduced by 80%.

Rainfall and water storage because every roof has the capacity to direct rain to a storage facility, and where space is minimal, homes can be built over underground water tanks. This is very topical because of the recent drought and water shortages experienced across our country.

Slope so that water storage at an elevated position minimises the need for pumping. Sloping sites also lend themselves to split level and 2 storey homes which are ideal for implementing waterless toilet systems.

Creeks and watercourses to provide a natural habitat for flora, fauna and humans, and encouraging nature to be part of our lives. In some circumstances, consideration can be given to micro-hydro systems for power generation.

Building materials made from recycled waste materials often have longer lasting qualities than traditional products. These include such material as re-cycled plastic posts used for vineyards or marina moorings.

Wind to provide natural power generation especially in elevated [tall buildings] or coastal sites.

During the building phase, environmental considerations can also ensure long term cost savings. Such considerations include the use of grey water, installation of water tanks, purchasing energy and water efficient appliances, putting in place appropriate insulation and skylights, as well as building with energy efficient materials. Some national, state and council rebates are available on solar power, solar hot water, water tanks and other environmentally friendly products.

To experience how Environmental Development Solutions have been applied in a domestic setting at our Summertown office, please contact us to arrange an appointment.


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